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Miakka Community Club
c/o Becky Ayech
421 Verna Rd
Sarasota, Fl 34240
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What you can do
Contact County Commission
NO Super Hamlet

The Old Miakka Community is asking Sarasota County to remove
from the 2050 Plan the
option that allows hamlets (urban sprawl) in
the 6,000 acres in the northeastern corner of Sarasota. This
amendment to the 2050 Plan does not ask to stop development,
rather it asks that development be restricted to the
current zoning of
5, 10 or 160 acres.

Sarasota is losing it's countryside to urban and suburban
developments. Hi Hat Ranch plans to build 10,000 homes east of
I-75. Lakewood Ranch continues to spread south of University
adding thousands of homes.

The current zoning is the appropriate designation for northeastern
Sarasota's rural lands. This will soon be the only place left in
Sarasota where people can own horses, cows, goats, sheep,
chickens, and pursue a country lifestyle. Please ask your County
Commissioners to
Keep The Country...Country by removing the
hamlet option on this land.

If you want to support rural Sarasota (now and in the future) get
involved. To get notices and information get on
Becky's email list:

Together we can
Keep The Country...Country.
Rural Heritage Comp Plan Amendment
CPA 2019-C
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Response to Staff Report 08-20-2020
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Rural life positives and urban sprawl negatives
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