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We need your support.

At the June 9th CC meeting, all the County Commissions voted 5 to 0 to transmit to the
State the Comp Plan Amendment that changed Hi Hat Hamlet, with a limit of 1 unit per
acre to Village with a limit of 5-6 units per acre. We don’t understand this as we
presented facts and supporting data to support our position from our 2050 Comp Plan,
which is our Vision of the Future. We simply do not understand why is it to be dictated by
market trends and demands, instead of facts and supporting data. It seems to us that
whatever density will make the most money is the density the County will give to the
developers. This change effects not only the rural area but everyone throughout the
county. We did have some comfort in the rural area with the Comp Plan and now there is
none. I know this is going before the State for review before it comes back to the County
Commissioners, however, we are going to ask that they carefully review the facts and
supporting data and Comprehensive Plan Amendment, not Market Trends and Deny
CPA-2019-D when it comes back around. We really don’t want the Villages and the
Countryside Line moved for many reasons. This is all we have left of Rural Sarasota.

Historic Old Miakka is 171 years old and Sarasota is 100 years old so we were here
before Sarasota was here and HI HAT Ranch. And we need your support as we know
you care and want to protect and preserve our Rural area because it matters. It is all we
have left and once it is paved over and gone, it is gone forever. It is worth protecting
and preserving.

We have cards for the County Commissioners that you can fill out if you support denying
CPA-2019-D. Cards and signs can be picked up at Fruitville Feed and New York Dog
Groomers. Cards can picked up Sundays at the Old Schoolhouse from noon till 3:00

While all that spoke at the June 9th meeting were great and those who spoke, spoke the
facts and supporting data, we failed to have the room filled and the support we needed.
Our community is asking for your support. To me it is not about US vs. THEM. This is
about all of us working together on these sensitive issues that affect our future and it
makes a difference when we all show up. As Cathy Cannon Antunes has said, “There is
a very high price to be paid to for being disengaged from local Government.”
Thanks to Jane Grandbouche for the excellent post
Nextdoor where I stole most of the above words from.
David Guest letter to editor 06-18-2021
Hi Hat Master Development Plan (CPA 2019-D)
County Commission Meeting
Sept. 8, 2021
Location: County Administration Center Commission Chamber
1660 Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34240