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Cowpen Lane
Water Running Over Cowpen
Drain Under Cowpen Blocked
Damage to Cowpen Lane
CEA's Report Executive Summary - 2016-12-05
Sarasota County Survey of Fruitville Drainage Sheet 1
Sarasota County Survey of Fruitville Drainage Sheet 2
The Board has been looking into the Cowpen Lane damage. An engineer was
hired to help out with the situation. The County came out to look at the damage.
Below you will find two links to the County survey and reports from our engineer.

The County has cleaned out the ditches along the north side of Fruitville Rd to
the east and west of Cowpen Ln. Going east from Cowpen, the County cleaned
out the first set of
culverts under Fruitville Rd.

The Board gave the engineer the go ahead to start the design needed to do the
repairs as well as to repaving of Cowpen Ln (from Fruitville Rd to Celestine
Pass). That work is currently waiting for the engineer's surveyor to complete the
Topo along the west side of Cowpen Ln.
CEA - Roadway and Drainage Analysis Report 2017-01-24
CEA - Report Appendix A 201-01-24