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NO Super Hamlet
Planning Commission Meeting
Time: postponed
Location: County Administration Chambers
1660 Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota , Florida 34236
Links to more Info
Citizens for Sarasota web site on Super Hamlet
Community Workshop on Super Hamlet - Jan. 13
Lakepark Estates Hamlet - currently approved
Overview of Sarasota County Zoning
Planning Staff Report for 2019-09-17 Mtg
Application Status (2019-07-17) CPA 2018-C
Super Hamlet Comp Plan Amendment
Don Neu Presentation Jan. 24, 2019
Super Hamlet Map - Lots and Boundaries
Super Hamlet Map - Plan
Fruitville Hamlet Area
Lakepark Estates Hamlet - currently approved
What you can do
Email Planning Commissioners
Email County Commissioners
County sold us out!

The County Commissioners voted 5 - 0 to use our money
($5.2 million) to pay for utilities expansion to reduce the
costs for Lakepark Estates and for Rod Krebs' super
hamlet. See the County Commission
Minutes and go to
item #4. You will see who made the motions and how they
voted. Clicking on the paragraph titled PUBLIC UTILITIES
will take you to the video of the vote.

This is the  
memo from Public Utilities to the County
Commission summarizing the deal.
Letters sent to the Commissioners on Sept. 5, 2019
Letter to Commissioner Detert
Letter to Commissioner Hines
Letter to Commissioner Maio
Letter to Commissioner Moran
Letter to Commissioner Ziegler